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Our promise is that working together is all about you and helping you put in place a plan for a better life. Achieving this is central to everything we do. If we do not believe we can deliver this promise, we will not proceed to work together and will advise you of a more suitable alternative.


OUR CORE VALUE - ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS                          

The value we deliver is working together to help you get results that may be more difficult to realise if you did it yourself. We are committed to helping you achieve the things that are important to you, and sustaining them. We promise to always act in your best interests and to treat you and your money as if it was our own.



Central to our service is providing advice suited to your individual needs. We will ensure you understand our advice, why it is appropriate and how it will contribute to your success. We will regularly discuss your progress and ensure you always remain on track.



We specialise in working with people just like you. We have built our business around understanding the specific challenges and advice needs you may have. As a result, our advice specialists and client management teams know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it exceptionally well. We only work with people who are committed to working towards their goals and are prepared to achieve this on an ongoing basis.



You will have full access to our team of keen enthusiastic specialists whose sole purpose is to achieve results that mean something to you.



We understand firsthand how challenging it is to manage the competing priorities in our busy lives. The ability to help you overcome these challenges, improve your financial wellbeing and enable you to enjoy the rewards of all your hard work is the reason we are in business!


Success for us is when we put you in a better position than you could achieve on your own.

Our Team Dedicated To You

Embarking on a journey to a better life is a big step. Knowing there is a team of people dedicated to supporting you along the way can make all the difference.


Our people are our lifeblood. They are all highly qualified and have the relevant industry specialisation and expertise required to help you get results. However, in addition to their amazing credentials, they realise that our business is based on building long-term, deep relationships. They make it their mission to genuinely get to know you, understand your challenges and be available to support you no matter what life dishes up.


The real success in any work we do together is based on us getting to know each other. As a starting point, here is a brief introduction to the people who will be proud to be on your team.

Shane Bradbury
Principal Wealth Manager

shane@advicecentre.com.au | 0413 575 842

Daniel Hunt.JPG
Daniel Hunt
Wealth Manager


I founded Advice Centre (Formerly Bradbury Wealth and Bradbury Finance) in 2016 and have over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Being born and raised in Hervey Bay, I take great satisfaction knowing that I have helped to improve the financial security and quality of life for clients.

I started work with Advice Centre in 2018 and have a wealth of experience in the financial services industry.  I grew up on the Fraser Coast and have recently returned to raise my young family.  I enjoy the challenge of assisting clients to realise their goals and live the life they deserve.

Chloe Andersen
Customer Service Specialist


I started work with Advice Centre in 2017 and have over 20 years experience in the banking and mortgage broking industry. I enjoy assisting clients match their finance needs with a suitable solution, doing all the hard work for you with a personal touch.

I started work with Advice Centre in 2019 and spent the past 2 years in the mortgage broking industry. I enjoy providing our team and our clients a high level of support and assistance to get the best possible outcome.

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